March 4, 2007

Hinahina "Hina" was found as 3 month old kitten by someone and taken to the Hawaiian Humane Society (HHS). We had recently lost Hoku, our calico, and I was still a bit upset by the loss as was Hone. On Sunday June 3rd, 2007 Wileen suggested we go to the HHS to look around for another cat. I did not really want to go but went anyway. We got there and observed a number of cats. Ultimately we went to the kitten area and saw a small little fur ball that had markings very similar to Hone. She rode home in my arms struggling to look outside and investigate the car.

From the moment she set foot in our home it was clear to us that she owned this place. I took her to the litter box and she sniffed around and jumped out. She proceeded to investigate every nook and cranny of the apartment with no fear whatsoever. This little female was the queen and she knew it from day one.

Later that day Hone returned home to snack on some food. He entered the house not noticing Hina. He ate a bit and then started to look around. He noticed Hina about the same time she noticed him. Rather retreat this tiny kitten hunched her back, fluffed up her fur from head to tail and walked sideways toward him. He looked at us gave a pitiful meow and retreated. He made his way away from her and to the door and outside. My 15lb Hone was bullied by tiny kitten that I could hold in 1 hand. I had to laugh. Over the next few weeks they began to bond.

Hina is a needy little girl. She wants what she wants and wants it now. Unlike Hone she will not come to when called and has a mind of her own. But she is a loving little girl who loves to curl up on you when she wants comfort. She kneads Wileen's blanket and will actually suckle on it from time to time.

We introduced her to the outside world and she loves to go outside. Unfortunately she is a bit to bold and we can't leave her by herself because she does not seem to understand that the world is a dangerous place. She will run away from people and animals when scared but generally is very trusting. We just don't want to take the chance she will get lost and hurt.

Like Hoke she is happiest at the park. She shows her pleasure by constantly running back to us and rubbing up on our legs. We go from light pole to light pole looking for geckos for her to chase. When Hone comes with her they chase around and play as well. It is real joy to see her so happy. I sometimes think she has a bit of Hoku in her when it comes to the park.

In the evening when I head into the bedroom Hone takes his place on the towel at the end of the bed and she will jump up as well. She will normally push her head into his chest and he dutifully grooms her little head until she decides to play for awhile. They both then curl up and go to sleep.

Our new kitten Laki has caused some upheaval in her world. Her initial reaction to seeing her in the neighborhood was to hiss at her. Over the week I socialized Laki before taking her to the HHS Hina began to accept her. When we brought her in the apartment the process started all over again. I am seeing signs that things are improving. Hina is not hissing and is even trying to play from time to time. Hina and Laki are beginning to get along more. They do play in the mornings and Laki tends to follow her around.

My little girl has grown up to be pretty little cat. She enjoys sleeping in the our new guest room on the inflatable bed with whoever sleeps there. I find here curled up in the crook of my legs from time to time. When I sit down and she is in the mood she will jump up into my lap and stretch up toward my chest. She like to be held and petted for awhile before she heads off to do whatever comes to her mind. She really loves our walks and usually growls when I pick her up to take her in. She is very much the queen cat here.